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Artisanal gelato, sorbets , gelato on a stick, aperistick and mini gelato sandwiches

They chose us

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Chef Andrew Milne-Allan's Zucca Restaurant

"The real taste of italian dessert"

Chef Massimo Renzi Sotto Sotto Restaurant

" This gelato reminds me of the one i used to have as a child in Rome"

Chef Gaetano Ferrara Harbour 60

" The real thing that can combine high quality desserts like ours" 

Chef Roberto Marotta Ardo Restaurant

"Gelato was invented in Sicily, Puntogelato is the best one in Toronto"

Chef and Owner Rony Goraichy Tabule Restaurant

" Amazing regular flavors but even customized like they do for us are unbelievable"

Chef Christian Fontolan and Edward Furlani Oretta Restaurant

" Number one Gelato and efficient service"

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