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ContainersMini sandwich kit


  • Mini sandwich kit
  • The bag includes:
  • Small vanilla gelato container (weight 500 Gr.)
  • 20 wafers imported from Italy
  • Chocolate for coating
  • 100% artisanal and natural
  • Gluten free, creamy and fresh
  • Vegan and dairy free flavors available
  • Free delivery

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This package gives the possibility to make at least 10 mini sandwiches
All the items you find in the PUNTO GELATO BAG are as follow:

  • Small container vanilla artisanal gelato
  • 20 wafers imported from Italy
  • Chocolate for coating

The Puntogelato mini sandwiches once you made them you can store them in the freezer and get one as a food-treat for your kids as well as a minus calorie dessert after dinner for yourself . Build them with your kids and let them add sprinkles to the chocolate to make them even more exiting


One of the secrets to make a good gelato is to use mostly fresh and high quality ingredients, this combine with the experience, passion, devotion and the continues research of new products and new ideas will get to become the BEST GELATO in ONTARIO Awarded by the ICCO in 2019.

Just to give you an idea. We all know that ice cream contain more fat then gelato 18-23% against 8-14%We We use fresh milk and fresh cream from Canadian farmers that give us the possibility to make Our creamy gelato base with the max fat contained of 12%, adn the 95% of all our flavors are Gluten free.

All our fruit flavors are made with real fruit or pulp.They are also dairy free ,eggless so we can consider them vegan. We always recommend you to get the fruit flavors in the spring-summer time when the choice is wide the fruit tastier so our fruit flavors would be richer.

We also take special orders for special flavors like the vegan line of nuts or chocolate as well all the Cocktails flavors (with real booze)we have un our “BAR” menu.